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PEdALED Clothing

PEdALED Clothing

Proclaiming their philosophy “Go by bicycle, feel the elements, contemplate nature” PEdALED brings cycle clothing together with high-end fashion.

PEdALED’s founder, Hideto Suzuki, worked as a fashion designer for fifteen years before leaving after becoming disillusioned with the industry. After spending a period building log cabins, Suzuki returned to fashion with a new conviction – that design and creation should be done with a sincere attitude. With this in mind, he founded PEdALED in 2007, inspired to create a range of clothing that embodied his lifestyle, particularly his daily cycling.

The pieces are crafted from natural fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and linen and effort is made to keep synthetic materials to an absolute minimum. PEdALED’s ethos even extends to recycling old clothes to create entirely new pieces; the Born Again collection, in particular, creates a real impact by recycling old military materials to produce entirely new pieces and push a socially responsible pro-peace message.

The collection itself draws from a variety of influences although generally keeps the pieces simple and wearable, utilising cycling kit-inspired details to give the pieces a unique spin. Creative Japanese tailoring is used to craft garments that look great but also provide a comfortable fit for cycling, with roomier cuts allowing a full range of movement as well as creating a silhouette that is instantly recognisable as Japanese influenced.

Furthermore, practicality is taken in to consideration. Whilst some pieces are simply tweaked for cycling, others are optimised for more serious riding: Microfiber leggings can be worn on their own or as a layering piece in bad weather and a range of wind and waterproof outerwear will keep you warm and dry. Practical considerations are worked artistically into the less serious pieces – reflective details stitched to resemble natural wear on a pair of jeans serve as a striking example of how fashion and function can blend seamlessly.

Overall, PEdALED takes practical cycling considerations and blends them with the integrity sought after by high-end fashion customers. On top of the promising collection, the brand goes a step further by embodying the founder’s ecological and social messages and serves as a good case for the argument that fashion is art.

You can shop the collection over at .

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